For innovative small and medium-sized B2B companies

Fill your deal pipeline with highly relevant leads.
100% done for you., 100% prequalified., 100% predictable.

Leedhive has developed a method to create highly personalized outreach campaigns for B2B businesses using both AI and BigData. As a result, pre-qualified leads will be sent straight to your sales department.

Increase efficiency and reach your goals faster with our LEED-System™.

Lead predictability is what most companies struggle with. We solved it.

A company that can easily turn guesswork into predictability always wins. And that´s exactly what we´re here for. This can be applied to almost any industry and offer.

Does any of this sound like you?

Low predictability

Right now you just don’t know where your next leads
(and deals) are coming from. Maybe there’s a trade
fare. Maybe we get a recommendation from a previous

But does that sound predictable?

Increased competition in paid media

Simple Google Ads campaigns used to work. Back in the days. But competition has risen and prices have skyrocketed over the last century.

Poor Lead quality

You might have used Freebies or Webinars to attract an audience but when you look at attendance rates of your webinars or open rates of your email marketing campaigns you notice: Poor quality.

Your sales team is struggling to even set up a consultation meeting.

Say no more.
We got you covered.

Trust us when we say: You are not alone. Many companies face these issues. The only question is: Do you want to continue fighting platforms and rising CPMs or learn an almost untapped way of generating leads at zero costs?

Building your pipeline with Leedhive is simple. All it takes is 3 steps.

1. ICP-Call

1. ICP-Call

In an Ideal Client Profile Workshop you will help us understand your target audiences and your offer.
2. Data Gathering

2. Data Gathering

Once we have a clear picture of your target audience, our engines start to gather data from millions of data points across the web.
3. Launch

3. Launch

Maximize your social media impact with the Traffic Tracking Social Media Feature. This innovative tool allows you to track and analyze.

Let’s automate your sales pipeline!

About the founders of LeedHive

Wo we are

Leedhive was built by two of the leading lead gen agencies in the DACH-region.

We strive to bring together the best of two core pillars in b2b pipeline management: Classic lead gen expertise with innovative and yet unknown outreach methods

MarC Roth

CEO & Founder

Markus Siuda

Shareholder & Advisory Board

Martin Siuda

Shareholder & Advisory Board

What they say about us

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There are No Stupid Questions, Ask Away, We’re All Ears

We have listed the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.
What exactly is your LEED-System™ about?

Our LEED-System™ comprises a multitude of activities designed to provide predictability and assurance for your deal pipeline. We specifically leverage Big Data and AI to reach your target customers at the right time with the right message.

Why do I need the LEED-System™?

Our LEED-System™ emerged from a pressing need. The ever-increasing complexity, heightened competition, and guarded secrets of the big players led us to say, “Enough, we need to offer this service to everyone.”

How does the LEED-System™ differ from traditional lead generation?

Our system is not related to traditional lead generation as you know it from performance marketing. On the contrary, it’s an undiscovered and massively underrated channel-mix possibility that frees you from pixel headaches, long sales cycles, and more.

Why should I schedule a conversation soon?

Every new technology and service is eventually replicated. By acting now, you can secure a first-mover advantage and distinguish yourself from your direct competition (as long as we haven’t already been active in your industry, as we offer a kind of ‘industry protection’).

What benefits will I ultimately gain from using your system?

On one hand, expect fuller appointment calendars, a busy sales team, and high booking rates. But more than that, it’s the sense of security and peace of mind this methodology achieves for you. Start each day or week knowing you can turn the deal pipeline on and off as your fulfilment allows.

Who is behind Leedhive?

Leedhive is backed by leading agencies in the field of lead generation. Until now, their knowledge and the system have only been accessible to their existing customers, who have gained substantial competitive advantages as a result.